Yankel Ginzburg

“Yankel Ginzburg is climbing, I don’t know how high he will go, but the top of his ladder touches heaven.”/Herman Wouk/

“There are great moments in every artist’s life. A writer, musician, actor or painter may create something that has a great impact on our lives and he or she becomes famous. Or, it may happen that a humble artist raises himself up, step by step, and with perseverance goes forward seeking truth, creating beautiful art that becomes a real masterpiece of our time. Following the motto of the great philosopher Moses Mendelssohn: “To see the true, to love the beautiful, to desire the good, and to do the best,” it is clear that Yankel Ginzburg is truly an artist that fits this second category”*

*from  http://www.yankelginzburg.com/biography.php

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