Born in Russia in 1892, Romain de Tirtoff, began designing clothes for his mother as a young boy. Later, as a young man he went to Paris to further his career in fashion design and it was here that he gained the name Erte, the French pronunciation of “R” “T” Throughout his long career Erte designed for the stage, screen, opera, and individual clients. He designed the cover of Harper’s Bazaar for 22 years. The influence of his work as a result of the high visibility of Harper’s influenced an entire art movement that was to become known as “Art Deco” and Erte became known as “The Father of Art Deco”. Over the years Erte’s fashion and costume designs were translated into limited edition works of art in nearly every medium. Bronze sculpture, objects of art in both bronze and crystal, jewelry and prints. Original drawings, though rare, are also available.

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