Alexandra Nechita

1985-Present Alexandra Nechita has been touted as the first child prodigy in the visual arts. From her earliest years Alexandra was fascinated with crayons and coloring books and soon began to create her own images. At two years old Alexandra began working in pen-and-ink, by five watercolors and by seven she was painting with acrylics on huge canvases. Because her art was so reminiscent of Cubism, Alexandra was dubbed “the petit Picasso”. Ten year old Alexandra Nechita was recognized by major galleries and players in the art world as well as the press. Now a lovely 23 year old, Alexandra is a junior in college. She continues to paint with passion. Nechita’s use of color, form and composition is magical, her style a compilation of modernism, Cubism and Expressionism. Collectors continue to buy her work as fast as she is able to produce it. Nechita works in a variety of mediums, constantly learning and experimenting. Alexandra’s limited edition works on paper are lithographs which are hand pulled at the Merlot Atelier in Paris. Original paintings, acrylics on canvas are also available as is an occasional glass sculpture. After a ten year hiatus, Alexandra has created her second series of serigraphs on canvas, Dreamination II. Recently Alexandra has delved into sculpture. Her bronze and other metal work shows the same exciting expertise as her paintings and lithographs. The resulting collection of metal sculpture has been extremely well received and sought after. At 23, Alexandra Nechita is already an art legend. She was named Ambassador of Peace by the United Nations in 2001 (she was 15 at the time). Inspired by September 11 Nechita was determined to use her art to promote global peace. Three years later she completed the first of seven towering monuments (one for each continent) entitled LET THERE BE PEACE. “When all seven monuments are in place, says Nechita, they will form a circle of peace around the globe.” Last August Alexandra presented the first monument, which is approximately 16-feet high, to the Singapore Art Museum, who is accepting it on behalf of the people of Asia. The monument will be exhibited in cities all over the world including a special Global Peace Initiative exhibit stop in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino. Barnett Fine Art offers a full range of Alexandra Nechita’s art, adding new work as soon as it is released. Please contact Patty Barnett for information and details – 504.524.2922

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