Philippe Bertho

Devant Derriere (Front to Back)
Original Painting

  • Medium:
  • Acryic on Canvas
  • Edition:
  • Original Painting
  • Asking Price:
  • $30,000.00

Devant Derriere was one of the 1st of Bertho’s paintings distributed in the US.  The original group of 30 paintings sold so quickly at the first show that they had to stop sales because there was another show scheduled.   Unique to his earlier work, Bertho signed his full name.  Later he began to sign his last name only.  Devant Dierriere is published in Bertho’s book and is in the orignal, and maybe only, catalog of Bertho’s work.


In this work Devant Derriere means front and back.  The viewer cannot help but smile at the offorts of these 2 characters as they climb in one direction and out the other.


Devant Derriere

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