Welcome to Barnett Fine Art in New Orleans

Our online gallery offers superlative fine art with access to all of your favorite artists as well as new and emerging talent. Our group of local, New Orleans and Louisiana, artists is growing as we discover more gifted local artists such as Lee MoraisNatalie Gaidry, Joan  Zaslow and Joan Hooper Feibleman. All of our artists are talented and produce exceptional and innovative artwork.

Patty Barnett, a private dealer at Barnett Fine Art in New Orleans, can locate fine art limited edition works on paper, master prints and contemporary original paintings, sculpture, glass-work and other fine art work locally, nationally and worldwide.

Barnett Fine Art is your source for Pop Artists Tom Wesselmann, James Gill, Alex Katz, Gerald Laing and Roy Lichtenstein as well as popular and contemporary artists Erte, Alexandra Nechita, Phillip Bertho and Yuroz, plus Master work by Picasso and Rembrandt.

Additionally, our exclusive fine art consignment/resale service provides a platform to sell your
artwork to support the diversity of your growing collection.

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Our advice: buy what you love and buy the best example of an artist’s work that you can afford, be that a poster or an original painting!!!